Web Phone

Effective communication with customers is one of the most important things to consider when you have a company. Every customer expects great, fast and easily reachable customer service and support. It means that you have to have the most innovative, most reliable and most comfortable solutions of communication. A possible solution for this purpose is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - An embedded webphone is a simple but great solution for your communication problems.

When you want to improve your company in order to provide more efficient services you always have to consider what your current and future customers need. This should be the fundament of any improvements as every company's goal is to increase profit, and you can increase your profit by selling your product to even more customers.

What do customers want?

  • They do want to ask questions about your product as comfortably and as soon as possible.
  • They do want fast and effective customer service before and after buying your product.
  • They do want easy to use and cheap solutions that can be available within their browser.
A webphone is a softphone solution that is embedded into your web page. A fully operable webphone gives your customers the freedom of calling you for free without the need for any personal data to be typed in; without registration or any downloaded programs. They only have to visit your page and they can call you directly from their browser.

Communication and customer service has never been as easy as it will be from now.