Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Service, as we all know, is the easiest and fastest medium to send SMS from PC to innumerable mobile phones at a single click in minimal time. Bulk SMS service usage varies from organization to organization and person to person. Some of the organizations may send bulk sms for alerts or transactional purposes while others may use it for promotional purposes (marketing or informational). Since the usage of the service varies, the cost as well as the service/quality of SMS differs.
What becomes an obvious question is how does the quality matter while pushing an SMS? The answer to the aforesaid query is, it matters if the SMS does not reach the client in time as intended; it is then the quality of service we avail is revealed. You may find varied bargain or budget bulk SMS service providers in the market but you will have to conclude between the two prerogatives: menacing service but cheap prices or distinct and unsurpassed service at affordable prices.

Masadi Infomedia amalgamates unparalleled service and reasonable price. Following are few features of the same:
  • Alerts: This service is primarily capitalized by organizations (e.g. Banking & Insurance vertical) to provide alert services like share market updates, commodities alerts, account transaction alerts etc via bulk text messages. The basic requirement is to update the client without time lag. Some of the companies may also call it as Premium SMS services. This service helps provide alerts to a person irrespective of his non availability of receiving the SMS. Here you are not disturbing the person, yet delivering the important personal information (i.e. personal bank account updates) and whenever the client intents, he/she can use the information. Masadi Infomedia provides the lightning fast routes for such services.
  • Marketing: Bulk SMS service has been asserted the most economical form of marketing till now. The most spontaneous way is to send a SMS to our list of intended receivers. It has helped many companies encompass their existing or prospective clients in time. It is the most economic, effective and productive approach and relatively diligent. Voluminous amount people can be contacted within fraction of seconds and you can communicate the desired message through their mobile phone devices.
  • Information: Some of the organizations such as educational institutions utilize the bulk SMS alerts to send updates to students. These updates include class timings, change in examination schedule or any other information that needs to be communicated. Although SMS method is not popularly used for communicating the intended message, but it is at a stage when it can grow to higher levels.
Masadi Infomedia has excelled in the field of marketing though bulk text messages. We provide solutions for both Promotional SMS as well as premium SMS to send group SMS worldwide. Whether you need to send 100 or 10 million SMS, our setup and SMS Gateway integration remains uncomplicated. With the help of our services you can reach people all across the world. Apart from bulk SMS alerts, we also bestow many more services like SMS short codes e.g. 56767 for Indian users. We also provide Long codes & virtual numbers that work worldwide.


We can list down following benefits of bulk sms:
  • It's timeless. Bulk SMS solution is a new media form which is novel and in fashion. It helps delivers the SMS instantly and reaches out to millions of people. It has incomparable timeliness than browsing TV advertisement and voluminous newspaper advertising.
  • It's flexible. The issues like time, area, quantity and content are not at all any hindrance, they are easily controllable. You can send them at any occasion.
  • It's targeted. The bulk SMS service is specifically targeted to the subscribers who have high volume of bulk SMS push. It is best suitable for one to one marketing to appeal consumers. The recipient can save the messages immediately, consult and send them to friends.
  • It has high return on investment. According to different subscribers (who use Bulk SMS services), they can deliver different information, in order to promote the business to the greatest extent.
  • It is costs low and is available at a bargain. It costs ten percent of the traditional media. It can help save huge amount of advertising expenses.


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