Student Record System

Student Record System is the total record solution you've ever imagined. It's first truly scalable student record system with the power to revolutionize the way that schools and colleges are run. The Power to manage student information with SMS, student functions such as attendance, grading, discipline, family, and fee related information are efficiently managed. Data is entered only once and instantly available in customizable report formats.

Until recently, the common functions of a student records system are to support the maintenance of personal and study information relating to:
  • Handling inquiries from prospective students
  • Handling the admissions process
  • Enrolling new students and storing teaching option choices
  • Automatically creating class & teacher schedules
  • Handling records of examinations, assessments, marks, grades and academic progression
  • Maintaining records of absences and attendance
  • Recording communications with students
  • Maintaining discipline records
  • Providing statistical reports
  • Maintenance boarding house details
  • Communicating student details to parents through a parent portal
  • Special Education / Individual Education Plan (IEP) services
  • Human resources services
  • Accounting and budgeting services
  • Student health records
In larger enterprise solutions that have student data at their core, further functions include Student financial aid management and more may be customized by the developer. Where national or government systems exist for student finance or statistical return purposes, student records system often provide functionality that caters for this, by way of modules or core elements that handle the production of required files, or deal with the formatted transfer of information. Examples are the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) process in the United States, the United Kingdom's Student Loans Company processes (SSAR, SSAC and ATFEE file processing), the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) in the United Kingdom, or the HESA and HESES student statistical returns in the United Kingdom.